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"I was a seasoned educator when stress factors crept up on me, leaving me feeling isolated and distressed. The only support I was offered was counselling, which just exacerbated my feelings of anxiety as it was stuck on the problems. The counsellor even suggested that I could just leave teaching, which was not what I wanted to hear - it didn't help me! Lightbulb Education Solutions' expertise in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Psychotherapy presented practical, fast and effective knowledge and strategies that empowered me to manage stress, supported my mental well-being, enlightened me on how to cope with change and showed me how to modify the effects that anxiety and the onset  of             depression had on my behaviour. I felt understood at last and trusted the methodology which is embedded in the latest neuroscience, it made sense. This technique taught me powerful methods to facilitate 'change' and get me quickly back on top of things. I met the 'real' me for the first time, happier and more confident than I've ever been. I've never looked back." (Jennifer, a Primary School Teacher from Cardiff)

"After just a few sessions, I felt much calmer and more relaxed, and with each passing week noticed more rational and positive thinking. After several years of feeling constantly stressed, anxious and low, thinking I had little to look forward to or always concentrating on the negative, I feel like me again. I have swapped exhaustion for energy and bickering for laughter. As a Doctor, I would highly recommend Clinical Hypnotherapy & Solution Focused Psychotherapy with The Penarth Practice / Lightbulb Education Solutions." (Elizabeth, a GP from Cardiff)

"Having come to the end of my hypnotherapy course with you, I really just wanted to thank you for the most enlightening and  wonderful           experience. A couple of months ago I came to you stressed, sleep deprived, anxious and emotional about everything. I am now relaxed, getting my REM sleep! And able to cope with whatever is put in my way! I have a totally different outlook on life and the CD I listen to at night  is         wonderful at relaxing me and putting me In a positive frame of mind. (It also puts my 9 year old to sleep in minutes!!!) Thank you so much and I am looking forward to my top up with you every month." (Phillippa, a Parent from Penarth)

"Having just completed my PGCE FE training, I felt thrown in at the deep end to be honest. I was not made fully aware of the stresses, strains and perils of the lifestyle a new lecturer would face. I struggled to find full time hours and was made to teach subjects I knew very little or nothing about in order to just pull a part time wage. For this time, I was having to swat for 2 hours a day, before lesson planning for 2 hours a day before teaching it for 2 hours the following day...yet I'd only be paid for the 2 hours classroom teaching! As most of this was in subjects I'd never teach ever again, it wasn't as if I had been building up a bank of teaching notes for future uses. I was crumbling under the stress and feeling very down. I drank too much and self medicated in other ways just to get through a week. But a friend recommended The Penarth Practice / Lightbulb     Education Solutions and I've not looked back. My work-life balance is harmonious and condusive to a new approach, which has even seen me with time for a social life and a new relationship, something the old me could not have contemplated. I've swapped 7 nights in with however many cans and 'whatever' for cosy nights in during the week and a fun night out on the weekend. My mother and my friends have seen a huge difference in me. I'm a different man and a far better teacher!" (Geraint, an FE teacher from Newport)

"I have been having Clinical Hypnotherapy the last few months. At first, I wasn't really sure what to expect, but I can honestly say 'hand on heart', that I am now much more calm, focused, relaxed and much happier and positive all round, which has to be the best thing ever! By listening to the CD and visiting the Practice, I feel so much more in control of my life and my own well-being. I now have, on average, 8 hours of wonderful, uninterrupted sleep and wake up feeling amazingly refreshed, ready to face the day. My visits to the practice have to be a real highlight of my week. When I go; I genuinely 'drift off to another world' almost and cannot believe how much better, lighter and brighter I feel. I cannot recommend it highly enough, for whatever your issue might be. It really works. I am so grateful and have a much happier, healthy life. Truly amazing! I've lost a total of 1 stone and 13lbs without even thinking about it and I've actually just entered the St. David's Day 10K, which I completely put down to the hypnotherapy! I never thought I'd be contemplating such a thing. Can you believe it!" (Jean, a Primary School Teacher from Cardiff)

“2014 was a very difficult year for me; losing two big parts of my life changed me forever. How I dealt with the grief was the way I always have, burying my feelings and carry on as normal. It was towards the end of that year when a simple incident opened the flood gates and my anxiety began. I’ve never felt so powerless in my life, to the point I couldn’t leave the house; I couldn’t rationalise what was happening and it was           terrifying. My career as a scientist and lecturer requires me to understand disease processes inside out, however my anxiety was something that I couldn’t begin to quantify. It was then a friend suggested visiting The Penarth Practice / Lightbulb Education Solutions for a course of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Psychotherapy sessions, something that I was open to doing but a concept I couldn’t wrap my head around. It was a breath of fresh air, they really understood my situation, our sessions together have taught me to manage my anxiety, given me goals to work to and basically got my life back in order; all I can simply say is thank you!” (Dr. Kate, a Lecturer from Cardiff)

"I have found Hypnotherapy with The Penarth Practice / Lightbulb Education Solutions to be fantastic. It has really helped me to feel much more grounded, calmer and relaxed. I am able to deal with life in a much calmer way because of Hypnotherapy. I would certainly recommend it to any one! It has also helped me to focus attention on areas of my life that need improving. This has been beneficial in all aspects of my life. I have     regained control of my thoughts and actions because of Hypnotherapy with her. Under hypnosis, I have been put in a deep state of relaxation...this has given my mind and body a chance to recuperate, repair and heal itself by experiencing the relaxation that it desperately needs. I feel because of deep relaxation I am more creative, better at problem solving, and less irritable." (Lucy, a Mature Student from Barry)

"I found Hypnotherapy helped me deal with life's stresses in a more positive and rational way. The theory behind Hypnotherapy is very interesting, and clarified for me why I sometimes reacted in a negative way to various stressors. I would highly recommend The Penarth Practice  /   Lightbulb Education Solutions, I found them very approachable and accepting of me as an individual." (Roz, a Samaritan and Mental Health Nurse from Dinas Powys)

“Yes – Clinical Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation with The Penarth Practice / Lightbulb Education Solutions does just that…it stops you smoking! I never believed it could be so easy…I’ve been smoking for more than 30 years now, and I’ve tried six times before! I’ve tried the patches, and the gum and I never liked those nasty e-cigs anyway…but they explained so clearly what goes on in the brain and why we trick ourselves that we ‘want’ to smoke and, most importantly, what we can do with the brain to reframe that 90% psychological habit and overcome the 10%     physical addiction and bingo. The Hypnotherapy side was so relaxing, so powerful – I walked out a non smoker for life! I no longer have to stand around outside in the rain, sleet, snow and wind hiding from colleages and pupils, My hair and my clothes smell nicer, my eyes are clearer and my skin has more colour. What are you waiting for?” (Angie, a Supply Teacher from Penarth)

“I can't believe it, I have lost more than twenty pounds, and because this solutions-oriented approach concentrates on a positive reassessment of my relationship with myself and with food, I know that this time the weight will stay off. I’m cycling to work and also for leisure. I feel sharper in every way, and I am more focused in my approach to my sometimes stressful work. I came for weight loss and am generally sleeping better – I am much happier!” (John, a Lecturer from Cardiff)

“Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with The Penarth Practice / Lightbulb Education Solutions has helped me to formulate a study and revision plan and to prepare for the forthcoming exams. I am entering this normally stressful part of the year with much less anxiety and much more confidence. I am fully focused and am hoping for the best possible marks! These sessions have helped enormously, but I know it is clearly now down to me – I am happy knowing that the future is in my hands!” (Julian, a Masters Degree Student from Cardiff)

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